Worldwide there is increasing pressure from commercial laundries to address rising water and energy prices as well as comply with sewer discharge requirements. To resolve this, Hydrasyst has developed a superior and sustainable hollow fibre ceramic membrane filtration technology with the highest membrane filtration efficiency and water and energy recovery capabilities in the global industry. Our patent-applied membrane filtration technology provides water recovery rate of up to 80% and energy cost savings of up to 50% due to the high membrane flux and continuous filtration capability. The PurePulse technology is distributed by Water Recovery Systems LLC, USA.

The PurePulse technology combines the best ceramic membrane, automation and Hydrasyst deep experience in treating commercial and industrial laundry effluent. The compact PurePulse system is designed for simplicity, enabling easy integration by tapping into existing laundry infrastructure.

Modular and compact, facilitating installation in laundry with tight spaces.

Suitable for all linen classification and washing equipment.

High membrane flux and separation efficiency delivering high and stable flux rates.

High thermal stability providing greater opportunity for thermal energy recovery.

Suitable for all type of commercial laundry effluent, including hospitality, healthcare, heavy industrial workwear, on-premises laundry and commercial laundry.

Outstanding filtration/backwashing efficiency for long lasting membrane integrity.

Energy efficient and easy to maintain, promoting low running costs.

Best sustainable solution to champion green laundry accreditation .