A typical potato is constituted of 80% water. Each year, billions litres of wastewater are discharged as a by-product of potato starch production. Our fit-for-purpose membrane solution is engineered for recovering high volumes of potable water quality from this waste stream for reuse in the manufacturing process as well as recovering valuable potato protein. It is well known that the essential amino acid index of potato protein is considered to be of the best protein source in the industry. The potato protein extracted using our innovative separation technique has excellent stability which is critical to maintain its native amino acid characteristics.

Unrivalled membrane filtration process that enables recovery of up to 75% of the water from potato wastestream and recovering valuable potato protein at the same time.

Novel separation technique that ensures excellent stability of the extracted potato protein than other traditional recovery processes such as heat coagulation and precipitation.

Packaged and modularized membrane systems that can be retrofitted in any existing starch production facilities.

Efficient filtration/backwashing programs for high plant reliability and consistent throughput.

This membrane filtration process can also be adapted for recovery of other vegetable-based starch and protein manufacturing processes.